Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cultural Exhibits at USM

Oct. 20, 2010

Cultural Exhibits on USM
            The cultural exhibit that I will tell about is located on the first floor of the Cook Library. This exhibit shows how this university has changed of the course of time. The University of Southern Mississippi has been around for 100 years now. You can say that this university has a lot of history. There is a football uniform in the exhibit. It shows how the uniforms looked at the time. There was also an old marching band uniform. The uniforms that the band has now kind of like the same from the older uniforms. They are the same colors and everything. There are a few minor changes but not much. There were also some old register cards in the exhibit as well. There is a lot of changes with that paper. There is a old Dixie darling uniform in the exhibit. The uniforms have changed a lot of the years. I saw some male and female cheerleading uniforms in the exhibit. The uniforms that were in the exhibit were more golden then the uniforms now. The Liberty Bell was in the exhibit. The Liberty Bell was a battle that USM and Tulane would have every year. The bell means a lot to the University of Southern Mississippi. The university’s cafeteria use to be the Common’s. Later on in time the Thad Cochran Center was built; and they built a newer cafeteria in that building. The Common’s was in the center of the school; like right next to the library. It got torn down last year and now that area where the Common’s use to sit; is now an area where student eat, read, or even hang out at. I can see all the changes that have went while I’ve been here. So I can only imagine how much the university is going to change after I graduate from the university.

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